A clear industry favorite, The E. Fjeld Company has designed the RES-M100, manual Airlock, for users who require quick, safe, and easy sample transfers to the SEM positioning stage under vacuum while reducing contaminate exposure to the SEM chamber.   Easy to use software interface for initiating exchanges and monitoring vacuum levels.

Key Features:

  • Accepts samples up to 101.4 mm x 47 mm.
  • Multiple user interlocks to prevent operation during unsafe or undesirable conditions.
  • Vacuum interlocks to prevent gate valve opening unless under vacuum.
  • Compatible with most SEM’s.
  • Indexable sample stage.
  • Large viewing window and illumination source for easy inspection of sample transfer.
  • Fast transfer times using ‘Quick Fit’ dovetail design.
  • Robust and reliable design to reduce down time.
  • ‘Easy Exchange’ software interface