The UST-5800 has been designed by the E. Fjeld Company as a direct replacement stage for the Hitachi S-4000 series Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEMs).
The stage and drive electronics of the UST-5800 incorporate advanced technologies to enable high resolution imaging and smooth motion at high magnifications.  Conventional designs utilize comparatively large step- sizes and non-optimal drive methods that cause the SEM image to “jump” at very high magnifications and slow speeds. Many users resort to using the SEM’s electronic “Beam” or “Image” shift, which may introduce problems such as beam distortion, image shift run-out (inability to further deflect the beam), and loss of sample addressability (inability to determine exactly where the beam is striking the sample).  The UST-5800 overcomes these limitations by allowing accurate positioning, smooth motion, and slow speeds at high magnifications, all without using image shift.


Key Features

  • 5 Axis Motor Drive Package
  • Nano-Stepping Motion Control
  • 2.5 nm Step resolution for ultra smooth motion
  • Joystick and Digital Display or Software interface
  • ‘Set and Forget’ stage lock
  • Large travel range