The E.Fjeld Companys RES-M200 is a 200 mm airlock for SEM applications where throughput, performance, and host tool cleanliness are critical. Samples sizes up to 204 mm x 47 mm can be safely transferred to SEM positioning stage from indexable specimen stage built onto the airlock door for easy sample loading. Electronic interlocking system interfaces with industry standard VAT valve to prevent unintended purging of vacuum. Internal surfaces are nickel plated to reduce pumping down time and Quick Fit dovetail sample holder design allows for rapid sample exchange. If you are looking for an exchange system that’s Fast, Reliable, and Easy to use, the RES-M200 is the solution.  Easy to use software interface for initiating exchanges and monitoring vacuum levels.

Key Features:

  • Accepts sample sizes up to 204 mm x 47 mm.
  • Interfaces to host tool via standard VAT® valve.
  • Two large viewing windows and illumination source for excellent sample inspection while in vacuum.
  • Multiple user interlocks to prevent usage during unsafe conditions
  • Vacuum interlocks to prevent operation unless under vacuum.
  • Compatible with many SEMs.
  • Indexable sample stage with multiple sample stations.
  • Quick Fit dovetail design allows for fast sample exchanges.
  • Reliable and simple design to reduce down time.
  • ‘Easy Exchange’ software interface