Drive Electronics

The E. Fjeld Company offers an ultra-high resolution, sub-micron motor control system. Our drive package is capable of 50-angstrom (5 nm) microsteps, resulting in ultra smooth stage translation at extremely high magnifications.

Our electronics have been designed for either OEM integration or standalone use with a joystick, software, and display and can be configured to drive up to eight independent motors. Each motor channel may be configured for specific motor requirements.

This package also has the ability to accept our universal Airlock drive board for a truly integrated drive system.



  • Controls up to eight (8) axes simultaneously
  • Step resolution of 6.5 Arc seconds possible
  • Low EMI design eliminates interference with electron beam
  • Maximum drive current of two (2) amps per motor phase continuous (2.5 amps / phase peak)
  • Features low-power and sleep modes of operation
  • Integrated 100mm or 200mm airlock electronics (Optional)
  • RS-232 User Interface (Optional)